Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Unlike the treks, we here at the Wound Too Tight household have no shame when it comes to posting pictures of ourselves on the interwebs. Our recent Christmas card experience provides just such an opportunity. Mister fancies himself quite the photographer. We have lights and umbrellas and timers and - well, stuff I can't even name. This self photo really proves just how good he is doesn't it?

Dude - is that another chin?? Finally! I thought you'd be perfect forever.

C'mon honey - FOCUS! We have to get this done tonight!

Time for the stand-in. She looks so thrilled doesn't she? Jon - the lighting is too light!

Too dark. Plus - will she be cleaning up at all or is that the look you're going for in the Christmas card photo? Early PJs and pony tail?

OK - I see we've cleaned up and dressed for the picture. Or at least I think we have. Hello - flash??

This picture says "Not everyone will be receiving cards this year because we spent all the extra money on braces"!

"Well then I just won't smile at all - how about that!"

"I am not adjusting my bra strap!"

No - you still can't be in the card Jon - but your eyes look really good in this picture and I do like the scruff!

"Do my eyes match my sweater?" Why haven't we fixed the lighting yet?

Guess who just found out that there is nothing - absolutely nothing - behind any one of the doors in that advent calendar! Yep - just a prop!

Finally, somewhere in the mix of funny, goofy, too light, too dark, wardrobe malfuntion and what have you, this gem stood out. That's my daughter!

It should be noted that from start to finish, I have nothing to with the Christmas card. From conception to mailing, and everything in between, this is and always has been Jon's baby! I do no stamps or envelope licking or anything. I know - I'm lucky!