Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Many Days??

Jon and Kathryn take Holli to Petco every year so she can participate in the Christmas frenzy. Holli loves shopping for her own presents. She tolerates participating in shopping for presents for her feline brother and sister. Once home, the presents are hidden in a secret place, only to magically re-appear on Christmas morning. You know dogs - "out of sight, out of mind".
Sort of. Much like the bell on her "go outside" door, Holli has been ringing this "not bell" since the presents went in to the secret hiding place on Saturday.
"Open dammit"

"Maybe I can just get my nose under there and open it up from the inside."

" Oh, I'm sittin' right here until the jolly fat man comes and opens up the closet and gives me those
damn presents. I don't care how many days it is until Christmas!"

Dogs! Just to mess with her, today I think I'll move the presents and see just how long it takes her to figure out she's guarding a bunch of coats and the silver chest!