Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taking a Cue

When I was a wee child of 11 or 12, I participated in the very first Earth Day ever! We were sent out on the school grounds with plastic bags to pick up trash. Folks back then were not as "earth-conscious" as we are now and I remember it being a filthy and disgusting way to spend an afternoon. Clearly, we've gotten better - both at making the Earth a better place and at making Earth Day more observances more practical for children. In her class today, Kathryn will be planting trees on a hillside on their school grounds. Do you do anything for Earth Day? How about your kids (or pets!)?

Sammy, on the other hand, having seen what her blogidol, Mayhem is up to today, wants to go shopping at the kitty ko-op. Despite the warnings on the bag alerting her to the dangers, she crawled right in this morning after the newspaper was removed. A favorite jingle bell "somehow" got in the bag.
"Mom, is this bag 'cyclable? Can I take it with me to go shopping with May?"

Happy Earth Day!