Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Snow vs. Snow

This is what remains of the snow in our backyard and with the threat of 70 degree temperatures and brisk southerly winds today, I'm just wondering who will be faster? Can Mother Nature finish off this snow......
....before I finish this Snow(drop) Sock? I'm ready for the heel on the second sock and it's moving along at quick pace. I'm definitely up for the challenge. I'll be with my Tuesday Morning knitting grrls this morning for plenty of dedicated time; piano time this afternoon; Jon's out of town too. Look for the finished photos by - Thursday??
The bigger question is: will my knit-along companions be this far when we meet for the second time tomorrow, or is my over-achiever, oldest child showing through again? Game on girl friends - 10:30; Starbucks at Excelsior & Grand! All are welcome!