Friday, April 18, 2008

Going Green

I've confessed to a few close friends just about everyone I know that I am not in touch with the world of nature when it comes to gardening. I don't have the "green gene". My knowledge of growing stuff is about the same as my knowledge of the purpose and function of a prostate gland.

Jon is in charge of all things "garden" around here. Sure, I can be counted on to dump a bunch of water into a house plant now and again, especially if they start to look - sad (I'm sure that's not the technical term for it but it's the one that works here. I'm very visual.) So I went looking around the gardens today to see what I could notice - and because everyone else is doing it.

Here are some green things popping up. On the left is in the little garden by the driveway. I think that might be either a Day Lilly or a hosta. On the right - no clue. But it's in the big garden where just about now Jon starts muttering about the deer and the bunnies and how they eat the heads off the tulips and we never, ever get to see the tulips because of the deer and the bunnies (which I personally love because it's the part of nature that I like more than green stuff). Then he goes to the store and buys some "new & improved deer-and-bunny-be-gone" powder or spray that smells like bear pee or human poo or something equally repulsive making impossible to go near the big garden, or Jon for that matter, unless you happen to be a deer or a bunny in search of a tulip head. And once again, we have no tulip heads to look at. I believe they call this the circle of life. I call it fun.

I also notice on my travels around the yard (as you garden types likely did too) that this is probably the weekend that "the rake which is not a rake" is probably going to come out to pull up all the "stuff which is no longer worthy" from the garden. I am no longer allowed to participate in this activity. I am begging you - please don't ask why. Let's just say that plant identification (as noted above) is really not my strength. And I swear to you - I did not do it on purpose.

Two things that I do know about my Jon's garden that are always there for me. My Bird Girl of Savannah statue. She was a Christmas gift from Jon a few years ago. The trouble he had to go through to indulge this one wish makes me love her all the more. And my Mojito plant. I'm sure it has some fancy name. I just know it as the mint I use to crush up to put in mojitos. No one actually planted this. Someone just threw a glass with mint in over the deck and it grew, and grew, and grew. My kind of plant.

All this was to distract you from the fact that I challenged Mother Nature. She got rid of the snow before I could finish the sock. It's not nice to challenge Mother Nature.