Friday, August 31, 2007

A Long, and Much Needed, Long Weekend

It's been a pretty crappy week here. The headaches, the thing with the car, and now the job thing. Yea - the job thing. Jon's company was bought-out a while ago and the deal closed this this morning. Jon will not be working for the new organization. This is not an un-planned for situation. There are plans and contingencies for these types of events in the lives of grown-ups.

For instance, since the weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend, I plan to spend it on the porch with Babette: Or perhaps my Baby Cable socks knit in Koigu or reading one of the two books I have in progress right now.Or playing "Stare Down" with Tigger who is guarding Babette because he still believes that it will be his blanket when it is all done.
Jon plans to mow the lawn and go the Minnesota State Fair with Kathryn and her friend. And that's just Saturday.
There are big plans, which can not be revealed yet, that will set all things right. One of the many changes mentioned earlier this week. A good one, a very good one for all of us, especially my best guy ever.
To Jon: I know this is a really tough day, you did great work there. Be proud of what you have done. Remember what your co-workers and peers have been telling you. And then, turn off the light but don't shut the door. I am proud of you and I love you. Oh, the places you'll go.....