Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shocked and Awesome

If we take it as a given that there are about a million sock yarns out there, and an unlimited number of colors into which those sock yarns can be dyed, why then am I still so shocked when something new or so splendid catches my eye:

And that's just looking at at. Touching it is a whole new experience. Sqwooshy - yep. So sqwooshy! The put up is 50 gm / 1.75 oz / 191 yds / 175 m and the retail price (at least where I purchased it) is $10. It's a smidge thicker than Koigu.

The awesome - that with everything going on the past two weeks, I managed to finish my first ever STR socks. Toe-up to the leg, then a 3x1 rib to the cuff, which is a 1x1 twisted rib. The colorway is "Foo Foo" and I used just about half the skein to do these socks. I prefer shorty socks.

Please take note of the newly perfected short row heels! I cast on some Koigu for a pair of socks for my sister-in-law last night. I'll soon no longer be a Koigu virgin either!