Sunday, February 19, 2006

Please, may I have my medal?

My Olympic socks are completed and are currently drying. Since I've been feeling a bit funky for the past two days (Thank you Becky for the wonderful cold! Thank you Dr. Mary for the root canal on Friday! Thank you Mother Nature for below zero temperatures!) I simply cannot wait to slip them on later today. Today is what we call a "nothing-to-do-da-day". And that's what I intend to do! But with warm and cute feet.

The second sock went much better than the first and turned out better too. Thanks to some consultation from Beth who made me feel better about how sock one looked and showed me how to fix some of the problems (like the really loose Figure 8 cast on), I could be a toe-up convert. I do like being able to stop when I feel like it!

So I'm thinking that either I didn't challenge myself enough with this project or I became obsessed and ignored all else in my life to knit this pair of socks. A quick check of the family and house - laundry is done, everyone looks fed and happy; I managed to show up at work when expected, at school when required, pulled off Valentine's Day celebration, made it to my piano lesson. Yea - looks like I still met all the societal requirements. And yet I did find the toe-up technique challenging. Most likely it's the worsted weight sock yarn which makes any sock project go much faster than expected. Is that cheating??