Monday, April 30, 2007

BBB Contest

I'm starting my own contest tomorrow, May 1st. In an effort to "Be A Better Blogger" I've decided to enter myself in a "Post-a-day-in-the-month-of-May" contest. My rules for myself are simple:

1. Post a blog entry every weekday during the month of May.
2. Weekends and Memorial Day are not included: I can post if I want though - cuz it's my blog!
3. I can post about anything I want on my weekdays.

My hope is that I can develop the blogging habits of so many of you to whom I turn every day for a dose of humor, knitting talk, cats, life talk etc.

I'm the only entrant in this contest - so if I'm successful and become a better blogger - does that make you guys the winners? Because if it does, I'm not inclined to send prizes out to all of you!!

Wish be luck, encourage me along the way, and if you have an tips on how to be a good daily blogger, please pass them on!!

See you tomorrow.