Monday, April 23, 2007


Before heading off on our spring trip to Florida I had some time to kill one afternoon so I wandered through the bookstore looking for some good poolside reads. I spent a a good hour or so, going from section to section and finally landed in the Memoirs Section with two books: The Glass Castle and The Year of Magical Thinking. I'll just let you know that I loved one and strongly disliked the other but since this is not a book review post, that's all I'll say.

I paid for my books and set off into the huge parking lot and ... no keys. I've never lost my keys. I've lost my car (a lot lately) but never my keys. Back into the bookstore to ask the cashier if I left my keys at the desk. He tells me to check at Customer Service. The gentleman at the Customer Service desk says that, yes a set of keys has been turned in and asks if I know where I might have left the keys. "No, because that's where I would have looked first you idiot" is what I want to say but, I really need these keys. He laughs as he tells me that they were found in the "Memory and Brain Teasers Section". I laugh as I think to myself, I don't even remember being in the Memory and Brain Teasers Section.

Mr. Customer Service retreats to the back room to fetch my keys (had I really been gone long enough to have them locked up?). When he returns he asks if I can identify the keys. "Uhm, I think so. I mean, I guess so. They are keys, and they.... "

Suddenly. I smile as I whip this out of the pocket from which my keys must have fallen:

If the sock fits!