Monday, June 26, 2006

Small things

Take this -



for this -

Oops - dog head optional.

This is much better:

As the temporary mother of three young girls, this is all I've been able to accomplish lately but I just love them. I'm addicted to flip-flops but my toes are cold all the time. These are like pulse warmers for your feet.

My sister arrives from San Diego tonight. We are all very excited to see her. She had her stitches removed today and finally got a prescription for something to help her sleep (duh - that would have been my first step . . . but I'm an overmedicater!!). She sounds much better but the girls and I just want to get her here so we can pamper her a littler bit. She found out the name of the offending beast who attacked her. Any guesses? Charger. There's irony for you. Thanks for all your well wishes. They were all passed along to Di and she thanks you all as well.