Monday, June 12, 2006

80's Babies

Did I mention that my brother's party was a "theme" party? And that the theme was "80's"? Probably not. I was not a child of the 80's but baby brother Dennis was. So I did not complain when I had to dress-up for his party. In fact, it was relatively easy. Short black skirt, leggings, lots of tank tops with straps showing, 45 pounds of metal belts and necklaces (all supplied by my sister) and - DONE! Add gobs of hair gel to spike your hair up straight in the air and you are "like so totally eighties". After all we were in "the" Valley. The rest of the family did their best to dress the decade - I'll let you decide how they did.

From left to right, yours truly, brother Dave with yuppie upturned Polo collar and Ray Bans look, sister Donna as burn-out, sister Diane with the "Madonna" look, guest-of-honor, Dennis as Sid Vicious, and brother-in-law Pat as DEVO. He pretty much stole the show.

Happy 40th birthday Dennis! Love ya!