Monday, June 19, 2006


All is well back home in Minnesota and I managed to get all three girls back safe and sound, arriving home last night just after midnight. Young girls don't seem to tire like old girls do so they were up are ready to go pretty early this morning. I imagine the crash will come sometime early this afternoon.

However all is not well back in San Diego and I'm asking you guys to please keep my wonderful sister, Diane, in your thoughts. Early Saturday morning while on her regular walk, she was attacked and mauled by a dog. She suffered numerous severe dog bites on her arms and torso and is completely traumatized by the whole event. The worst part is that there were people around when the dog attacked who turned away and didn't help her. The dog was "in the care" of a homeless man while its owners were out of town and he fled the scene when the dog started to attack. A second man came out of his house and turned around and went back inside when he saw the commotion. That part makes me so sad - to think of her so helpless. She was able to finally fight the dog off with the help of someone who finally stopped and then others came out to assist her - thankfully. She spent the day in the hospital getting cleaned up, getting stitched up all over etc. She's still in really bad shape - physically, but mostly mentally. She can't sleep or rest peacefully. I imagine, as with any trauma, that healing will take the longest.

Please keep her in your thoughts.