Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sock Rules

I have a lot of rules. Ask my daughter - "No fun until your homework is finished" or "No dessert until you've eaten all of your dinner". Ask my husband - "NO, the towels get folded THIS way!" Ask my co-workers (no real good examples here because they'd all laugh when they read this). It's not as if people actually follow the rules for long though. In fact, I can hear the iPod playing upstairs right now and I know the homework isn't done. I've even given up on the rather Martha-esque way I had rigidly trained myself, and Jon, to fold the towels into thirds and then again into thirds and tuck them neatly away. They are just towels after all.

I do however have one pretty hard and fast rule which applies to me and just me. No socks after Sanibel. We have spent the past six spring breaks on Sanibel Island and it's heaven. Spending that much time in the sun, sea, and sand, its just so hard to come home to Minnesota. It's harder still to put socks of any kind on my feet. So I don't. Not until we get back from San Diego at Thanksgiving (but that's a whole other part of the "rule").

So the "no sock" thing presents a small conundrum for me. Does it mean I can't knit socks during this time? Surely it can't because that seems to be all I really want to do lately. Especially on vacation. Any kind of sock, any kind of yarn, any kind of technique, pattern, stitch - whatever. I have amassed a wealth of paper in support of this. Websites have been bookmarked or sent to my Palm. I have my 32" Addi Turbos in sizes 0 through 5 ready and waiting.

Oh. And I also have all of this.

I'll just knit the socks. I won't actually wear them or anything. Maybe just try them on and check the size but I definitely won't wear them. It's wearing them with shoes that's really the big no-no so just wearing them around the house would be no big deal right? I mean what rule would that be breaking?