Monday, March 13, 2006


Whooooooo hooooooooo! A huge winter storm! School's closed and everything. Here is the view from our front door as of 10:30 CST today:

And here is the view from the back door this morning:

If you grew up in Minnesota, especially the metro area, a day like this meant you woke up early, really early. You listened to WCCO radio to see if your school was closed. The process was painstakingly slow as the school closing announcements were read alphabetically. If you lived in Wayzata, this was sheer TORTURE!! Most kids learned what the word "parochial" meant through this process. You listened carefully for surrounding school districts. You cursed the current school superintendent for being an avid cross country skier. Back the there was no "2 hours late" deal. It was schools are open or schools are closed. So you sat and waited through the "L. M, N, O, P" schools. All the "Saint" and "St." schools. Waiting, waiting, ......

"Wayzata District 284, Public and Parochial, closed".........Whoooooooooo!!!! Snow Day!!!!!

There were 6 of us kids growing up. There was no cable or satellite TV, internet, video games, ipod, Game Boy, etc. By 9:00 we were dressed and out in the snow. By 10:00 we were back in the house and bored. Is it any wonder that I love snow days while my mom remembers not loving them so much!!

Kathryn and I think it's a good day to light a fire, make hot chocolate and tea, watch bad TV and knit. If you are in and around the Twin Cities metro area and you have a snow day, what are you going to do??