Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nine Days Later...

. . . we get to celebrate again! So the signs and the banners just stay up. Poor Jon, it must seem so unfair to him that he gets no fresh decorations for his birthday.
Luckily, Kathryn saw the injustice in this and made sure to correct it. Tonight there will be a nice dinner, presents and leftover birthday cake.
But for now, will you please help me wish a very happy birthday to the man who stole my heart, who makes my palms sweat (still honey!), who shares my dreams and sorrows, who makes me laugh like no other, the keeper of the castle, man of the mansion (it's really not that fancy Carole - he just takes REALLY good care of it - and built it!), father to one terrific kid, two cats and a dog, my guy, Jon.
Happy Birthday Jon!
Also, I happen to know that it's a certain special birthday of a certain special Wisconsin girl. I couldn't love her more and I hope you'll stop over and wish her a very, very Happy 50th Birthday. Love you Vicki...glad I could pave the way to 50 for you. It's all uphill from here dear friend.