Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Box Redux

An very observant now-blogless-formerly-K3Tog-Jeanne noticed an really important "other box" in the background of yesterday's picture. See it . . . there underneath the attack guard kitty. Yeah, I know he's asleep, but he'd snap to attention if you came REALLY close to that box.So that was "the BIG" present. Not the one just sort of shoved at him as an afterthought. A nice, big, shiny, SONY BluRay disc player. Now, it should be noted that I am not an authorized electronics purchased for the household. I am only allowed to purchase said items when given a web url and told to point, click, pay, ship. This one was a no-brainer though. Until we I got it home. Where to put it, where to put it?? Well, under here looks like a good starting point. Ya got yer TV and ya got yer cabinet for yer TV stuff.

Yeah - no room. Full up with other electronic stuff. All of which makes it very complicated to actually watch TV or a movie or something you recorded yesterday. Sometimes, I have to call him during the day and ask how to do one of these things. Totally blows my cover.

The bedroom cabinet could have been an option but looks like were plum outta space here too. Ah, that's ok. Who needs HD movies in the bedroom anyway?

Looks like something in the basement "Tower of Power" has got to go. It's probably best that it goes here. I think a TV this size, really needs HD movies.

Dog added for size comparison. And because well - she's a dog!

Yeah - he REALLY needed that BluRay! Because as you can see, he has all the other crap!