Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bye Bye

Dear Friends,
I have a small confession. I'm going away this weekend on a knitting retreat. My Tuesday morning knitting group is going up to northern Minnesota (way up north, past Grand Marais) for a long weekend of knitting, eating, relaxing etc. They are a wonderful group of women, the core of which started together at the shop during an Einstein Coat class. They then moved on to a Fair Isle Jazz scarf class. That's when I hijacked them and we started our little Tuesday morning group. People have come and gone from the group, but for the most part the core has remained the same and we have settled in to a comfortable friendship that means the world to me.
Here's where the confession part comes in - none of these women are bloggers! I don't think they know what blogs are or that I have a knit blog or that they would care. But, I love them all anyway. I feel like I'm cheating on you all by consorting with known non-bloggers.
I'll report back next week but on the off chance this blog should go dark, Amy was the last to see me before I went off into the woods with non-blogging-knitters. Wish me luck.