Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I Think They're Waiting for Me

The "Satur-Dye" girls (Chris, Jeanne and yours truly) got together again this past weekend. We were much more organized and armed with new yarns and new dyes we were down to serious business in no time.

This is Jeanne. She is always serious when she dyes with purple. She always dyes with purple. Therefore .....

Chris looks on. "How?" you might wonder without a head, but I assure you, she has one.

Mister bought us an extra table so that we could all "color together" as he put it which was nice. There were times when it was so quiet out on the porch with everyone working so hard I was beginning to think it was a job.

Yeah - a job where they let you splatter dye all over the place and call it work!! This was my attempt at a Jackson Pollock type yarn but I overdid it a bit. It still turned out nice and I like it which is all that matters.

I think the finished results speak for themselves.