Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hiding in Plain Sight

Shhhh - I'm in-cognito and hiding from Deb. I'm a brand new skein of sock yarn and she started a pair of toe-up, Jaywalker socks just today. I'm scared though. I've seen what happens to other socks and sock yarn around here and it's beginning to make me nervous. Maybe you've met these three . . .

We are three Matchless Socks. We are never to have mates. No "e-Harmony for socks", or "" will help. We have no shot at ever having a right (or left) foot knit for us. Sadly, the best we can tell, our future may be in sock puppets. You see, the rest of our un-knit selves have gone here..... the seemingly endless collection of what was supposed to be just sock yarn scraps but now seems to be any kind of sock yarn not currently attatched to a needle. In fact some socks were ripped out just to be relegated to this place of honor.

But why, you might ask?

Need I say more?