Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Three Harloteers

We came, we saw, we held the sock.

This is apparently why I am not the family's chief photographer.

However, if you've read any of the many Twin Cities area bloggers' updates you already know that this is the Yarn Harlot and that I traveled to Eau Claire with Chris and Jeanne for her fabulously funny talk and book signing at Yellow Dog Knitting. Really, I haven't had that much fun in such a long time. I gave up 8 hours at the Mall of America to take this road trip. That's how Jon and Kate spent the day - 8 hours!! It was such a sacrifice. I'm feeling mildly guilty because I'm still telling my parents that I went there to hear Tom Clancy. I just don't think they'd get this whole thing.

And while Stephanie was wonderfully funny and every bit as charming as you'd think she would be, the true highlight of my day was this:

Meeting Vicki Knitorious. Do you ever just meet someone and take an instant shine to them? You just know that you really like them? You just connect? You feel like you've know them forever? That's how I felt about Vicki when I first met her in February 2006 - as the "first person I didn't already know who commented on my new blog". I started reading her blog and I just knew that she was someone I really wanted to meet-meet - like, in person. And then the planets all lined up and Dixie and Stephanie brought us together. I knew her the moment I saw her in the store and Vicki was EXACTLY as I thought she would be - only live and in person. The really cool thing about meeting a blogger in person is you don't have to waste a whole lot of time asking them background questions about who they are and their what they do. You can get right to the good stuff like "Did you bring Fib?". She did, it was fab!

What can you say about a girl who made reservations at the Acoustic Cafe for 12 out-of-town knitters, which came in handy as we got closer to the event time, then sets up the chairs and saves you front row seats for the event!

Thanks Vicki - Love ya!! There are at least 20 yarn stores here in the Twin Cities and plenty of willing and able tour guides to haul you around. Please come visit us soon.

P.S. The Hedgehog has a face!!!!