Thursday, July 27, 2006

He's no Chaos.....

A call for help was issued this morning for a small project I am working on for the shop. I'd show it to you now, but it's not done. Kathryn, who in previous posts both here and over at Chris and Jeanne's blogs, was unavailable. She was at the "Club", swimming with her pal. Yea - I'm working like a dog over here and she's off living the life. So on short notice, Tigger was offered up as a capable assistant. Clearly, the job requirements were not laid out ahead of time. There weren't many but they were important:

1. Must have opposable thumbs.

2. Must not try to eat the feathers used as embellishment for project.

3. Must not scatter the 50,000,000,000,000 beads required in project on the floor.

4. Roving must not stick to your fur after you roll in it.

He did however meet the most important one:

Must look DAMN cute while keeping me company all afternoon.

A quick dyeing update: Chris, Jeanne and I have examined our wool and dye situation and decided that it's time to replenish both. After numerous emails and meetings, orders have been placed and plans are being made. I think the next steps are warehouse space, election of officers, a shell corporation and off-shore accounts in the Bahamas. Oh, the places we'll go! (Sincere apologies to Dr. Suess.)